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Kisetsu Shower Cream (Spring Bloom, Summer Splash, Autumn Fall, Winter Breeze)

RM 9.90

Kisetsu Spring Bloom Brightening Shower Cream (Lily + Goat's Milk)
Enriched with Lily extracts and goat's milk, our Brightening shower cream helps to brighten your complexion. This double ingredient shower cream also hydrates and moisturises the skin deeply and is excellent for sensitive skin.

Kisetsu Summer Splash Hydrating Shower Cream (Aloe Vera)
Enriched with Aloe Vera extract, our Hydrating shower cream which contains source of antioxidants and vitamins helps to protect, hydrates, and moisturises your skin. Aloe Vera works well to soothes inflamed skin while it hydrates and moisturises your skin leaving it soft and silky.

Kisetsu Autumn Fall Nourishing Shower Cream (Rose)
Enriched with Rose extract, our Nourishing shower cream helps to protect skin cells from UV damage. The natural moisturising content found in rose also helps to lock moisture into your skin, keeping it smooth and nourished.

Kisetsu Winter Breeze Soothing Shower Cream (Lavender)
Enriched with Lavender extract, our Soothing shower cream works to moisture, condition and soothes your delicate skin which is always exposed to environment stress. The relaxing and lingering aroma helps promote a relaxing sleep at night.