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Rexona Woman Roll On (50mlx12)

RM 63.60


Refreshing antiperspirant protection with Motionsense™ – the more you move, the more it protects. Jasmine Freshness scent to keep you feeling fresh and dry all-day long. Sweat and odour control up to 48 hours."


People to see, places to go. Running to meetings. Climbing stairs. By the end of the day, we rarely feel as fresh as when we started it – unless you’re wearing Rexona Shower Clean Roll-on Antiperspirant Deodorant. A clean, airy fragrance and up to 48 hours of protection help keep you feeling shower-fresh.

Rexona Invisible Dry

Rexona Invisible Dry Black+White provides our best ever triple anti marks protection: Anti-white marks, yellow stains and sweat.

Rexona Advanced Whitening

Rexona Advanced Whitening with sunflower seed oil whitens underarms in 7 days and helps smoothen underarm skin. Gives long lasting protection against wetness and odour, providing you freshness all day long.

Rexona Advanced Whitening Fresh Sakura

Rexona Advanced Whitening Fresh Sakura gives you 3x whitening and 3x freshness. With triple whitening. Contains glycerin, licorice extract and vitamin E, and fresh sakura scent with 48hours sweat and odor protection.

Rexona Powder Dry

Rexona Powder Dry with Whitening Formula contains vitamin E. Whitens underarm and provides 48hours protection against odour and wetness.