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Follow Me Body Wash (1000ml)

RM 10.80

Anti-Bacterial Body Wash

Formulated with menthol and cucumber extract. Thoroughly cleanses your body and protecting it from harsh environment elements. Its anti-bacterial properties inhibit the growth of bacterial to make your skin protected, refreshed and cool for the day.

Botanical Body Wash

Enhance with vitamin-rich plant oils and botanical extracts, this gentle body wash leaves your skin incredibly soft and pampered after every wash. Skin feels moisturized and nourished for the day

Royal Jelly Body Wash

Enriched with royal jelly extract and jojoba oil, this satin smooth body wash leaves your skin nourished, soft and moisturized after every wash. Skin feels hydrated and renewed for the day. Its gentle pH balanced ideal for normal and dry skin.

Whitening Body Wash

Developed with goat’s milk, licorice extract and cherry blossom, this unique formulated body wash leaves your skin feeling moisturized and firm with whitening effect after every wash. Skin feels pampered and rejuvenated for the day.