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Maggi Hot Cup - Assorted (1 carton)

RM 98.50


Enjoy that signature curry taste loved by all Malaysians, on-the-go! Your favourite curry noodles, made to perfection.

Slow cooked till the oil separates, enjoy every drop of aromatic curry broth and every inch of extra springy noodles made from fine Australian wheat.

A blend of 12 signature spices.


Savour the taste of real chicken for a truly satisfying and hearty meal, anywhere and anytime. Hot and satisfying chicken noodle soup, on-the-go! Made from a blend of aromatic herbs and spices, for that taste and aroma of real chicken - mmm satisfied with every slurp! 

Tom Yam

A delicious hot & sour noodle soup with MAGGI Hot Cup TomYam
Savour the aroma and taste of real herbs & spices for that awesome Tom Yam sesantion with every slurp. A combination of kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass. For that aromatic fragrance of a hot & sour tomyam soup with every bite. 

Asam Laksa

Enjoy that spicy and sour kick in a cup with MAGGI Hot Cup Asam Laksa
Slurp up a whirlwind of flavours for that satisfying asam laksa kick- served up in a cup! Savour the gratifying fish flavour and rich sour broth. Made with unique blend of spices - including turmeric - and real chillies for that asam laksa kick and tangy fish taste. Pergh! Slurp up! 

How to make MAGGI® Hot Cup®
Step 1 : Add in seasoning mixes, then add hot water until the indicated line.
Step 2 : Wait for 3 minutes, then stir
Step 3 : Enjoy

Size per carton

  • Chicken 54 x 57gm
  • Curry 54 x 59gm
  • Tomyam 54 x 61gm
  • Asam Laksa 54 x 60gm