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Shinzui Skin Lightening Soap 85gm

RM 2.50

Shinzui Skin Lightening Soap Shinzui lightening skin care soap has been formulated naturally with Herba Matsu Oil Japan, a precious essential oil from Matsutake mushroom. 

Shinzui’s natural ingredient may brighten the skin to fade pigmentation. "Herba Matsu Oil is a mushroom extract from Tricholoma matsutake, this agents lightens the skin without inhibiting the function of tyrosinase, the mechanism involves formation of a leuco-melanin which still protective against ultraviolet radiation." 


  • Lightens the skin as early as the first use 
  • Powerful natural and organic skin whitening complex 
  • Remove discolorations, freckles, melasma, age spots and dark spots 
  • Even out skin tone 
  • Soften and smoothen skin 
  • Help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and scars 
  • Dermatologically Tested