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Span Kain Jaring / Cleaning Net Sponge / Dish Washing Net Sponge/ Kain Jaring Cuci Pinggan

RM 3.50

✅Great for the kitchen, garage and outdoors 

✅NO ODOR: No more smelly sponges. Quick drying prevents foul odors from bacteria growth. Easy to sanitize in the dish washer or washing machine.

✅LOW MAINTENANCE: Dishwasher and washing machine safe for easy cleaning and disinfecting. The scrubbing cloths are durable to withstand daily washing. But just rinsing under water is enough to keep clean.

✅100% NON SCRATCH: No scratch guaranteed. Use on All surfaces. Won't scratch chrome, copper, stainless steel, anodized surfaces, non-stick cookware, glass, crystal, porcelain, and ceramics